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Prevention is always best. However, even a well-maintained septic system will fail at some point. Whether the damage is due to age or something unexpected, septic tank repairs must be evaluated and handled quickly and professionally before more serious damage can occur. That's why we strive to have our septic tank professionals respond quickly to make sure a highly trained technician is dispatched quickly to assist you.

Residential Leach Field
Residential Leach Field

Common Septic Tank Repairs

The most common septic tank repair is caused by improper septic system maintenance.

A typical residential system should be pumped every 3-5 years, and more often if there are many people in the household or you have a garbage disposal. Commercial systems should be pumped every few months depending on your usage.

Failure to properly maintain the septic system can result in: pipe blockage tank overflow sewage backflow into the building tank damage clogged lines to the leach/drain field

Other types of septic system repair

An aging system can make septic tank repair necessary. Over time, debris can build and result in a sluggish drain field. An experienced technician can usually blow away the residue with a high-pressure water jet. However, invasive root systems are a more difficult challenge because they penetrate pipes and tanks, and may require extensive septic tank repairs. Other types of septic system repairs you may encounter include:

  • Septic Tank Cover Replacement

  • Broken Line Repair

  • Septic Tank Crack Repair

Septic Tank Repair vs. septic system installation

Septic systems can last decades with proper maintenance. The longevity of the septic system can depend on the type of material it is made of, as well as the surrounding soil and water. Our experienced technicians can make repairs to help your system last for years. However, sometimes installing a new septic system may be more cost-effective. If you choose to install a new septic system, Septic Tank Services of Mobile AL can help you make an informed decision, and have the new septic system installed by a professional.

Septic System Drainage Issues

Understanding a septic system

Wastewater is treated in a number of different ways, but the goal is for the effluent to exit the tank and to soak into the soil so that any remaining biological materials or pathogens are processed by naturally occurring bacteria in the soil. Most septic systems use a drainage field or leach field to achieve this, but there are other similar systems such as seepage pits and mounds. Leach fields vary in complexity, but most traditional systems consist of several narrow trenches or a large open area excavated from the ground to contain drainage pipes. The pipes are full of small holes so that the water can slowly drain out, and the empty space is filled with sand and gravel to better distribute the waste water in the soil.

Why do septic system drainage problems happen

Septic systems depend on the harmonious cooperation of several parts: Drainage problems can be caused by something happening in the tank or in the drainage/leach field. If the tank is the issue, it may be because the tank was not pumped regularly, which allowed sludge to build up and enter the leach field or block the outlet. The only solution is to pump the tank, clean the pipes and repair the damage. Some symptoms are:

  • Slow drains

  • Sewage backing up into drains

  • Drains with gurgling sounds

  • Standing water around the septic tank

Problems with the leach/drainage field:

The leach/drainage field and its lines naturally form a biomat layer, which is a sticky substance formed by bacteria that digests any material left in the effluent. It will slow down the flow of discharged water from the sewage system, giving it time to filter. This biomat layer is important, but it can accumulate to the point where the sewage can no longer leave the system. This is probably the most common cause, but a leach field can also fail if it's built incorrectly or if the resident overloads the system with water, which may happen when there is a leaky fixture or other high water usage events. Some symptoms are:

  • Effluent at the surface of the leach/drainage field

  • A foul smell around the leach field

  • Standing water on the drainage field

  • Excessively green vegetation on the drainage field compared to surrounding area

Please contact us immediately if you notice drainage problems. These problems usually get worse quickly and can cause significant property damage and potentially lead to health issues for your family.

Septic tank problems usually develop slowly over time and gradually reduce the efficiency of the entire septic system. Since most of the action takes place underground, it's easy to miss subtle signs you are starting to have septic problems. Unfortunately, that means many homeowners and business leaders are left to search for clues as these problems develop. Septic professionals have a deep understanding of how each component of your septic system works together, allowing them to diagnose and resolve potential septic tank problems before they become a significant problem affecting your home or business.

Septic Tank Problems - Warning Signs

The following may be some symptoms of problems with your septic tank:

  • Standing water above the tank

  • Standing water in the leach/drain field

  • Sluggish or slow drains

  • Toilets requiring repeat flushes

  • Drains that bubble or gurgle

  • Clogged drains

  • Sewage or water back ups through the drains in the building

Does your toilet require several flushes? It may be due to a backup or overflow problem with the septic tank.

Call us to schedule assistance.

If a drain in your home is clogged, slow, or sluggish, there are some tests you can do to identify the problem. For example, if it's only one drain and everything else is working fine, you can likely isolate the problem to that single drain. In this case, you may be able to loosen the clog with a snake and remove the blockage. If this doesn't work, a plumber or septic tank professional should be called. Keep in mind that if the plumber can't fix it, you'll likely need to call in a septic professional like us anyways. So, it may be cheaper and faster to start with a septic tank company. If all your drains are backing up, or several drains in your house are clogged all at the same time, there is most likely a problem with the septic system or the septic tank. Better call us immediately!

Call the professionals at Septic Tank Services of Mobile, AL, to schedule expert help.

Septic system drainage problems are common. It is a good idea to have your drainage problems checked by a professional because all parts of the septic system are designed to work together. When one part begins to fail, the other parts of the system can also begin to show problems. Your drainage problems may be related to the drainage field itself, or they may be symptoms of something wrong with the tank. Call us to have a septic expert thoroughly examine your system and find you a solution.